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The DLT is a map and a method for individuals to (re) discover their unique Essential Self. The teaching provides a clear method to allow the student to understand the personality structure and to literally retrieve and embody their inner Essence. It does not focus on treating a mental disturbance, nor fixing the personality structure. The DLT supports people to live better lives, it is more than a psychotherapeutic modality. It is a journey of remembering all of the multi-layered, multi-faceted aspects of our true nature. The Work encourages and guides individuals to fully participate in their world, their community and to bring the teachings into daily life. Faisal Muqaddam, A.H Almaas, and Karen Jonson originally developed the Diamond Approach. With backgrounds that include Buddhism, Sufism, ego psychology and the Enneagram the work was founded through their own experiences of self-discovery. Faisal Muqaddam went on to establish The Diamond Logos Teaching.

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DLT is for individuals who would like to live fuller, healthier and more aligned lives. Some people are drawn to this approach for purely personal reasons – to fully realize and experience the integration of their Being. Others are drawn also to gain understanding, insights, and tools for their professional work.

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Through understanding, inquiry and somatic exercises the DLT is an ongoing process of gradually learning to become more receptive to our Essential Self.

The essence is independent of conditioning and completely natural to us, not a product of the environment. Before the development of the personality, a small child is still in their Essence; the very young child is the essence but it becomes lost or covered over as our ego structure develops.

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Faisal Muqaddam is the originator of the Diamond Logos Teachings and co-originator (with A.H Almaas) of the Diamond Approach. He defines himself as a psycho-spiritual teacher.Born in Kuwait in 1946 he moved to California in his 20’s to study and is still based in Berkeley. Over the last 30 years he has been teaching in the USA, the Middle East and Europe. Faisal is a wonderfully heartful teacher, speaking from his own depth of inquiry and experience. He has a remarkable gift and capacity to transmit essential states of being.


Essence is the manifestation of our True Self as distinct palpable qualities. There are multiple qualities of the essence – such as Clarity, Presence, Strength, Joy, Compassion, and Peace.

Essential states are felt, seen, tasted, smelled and even understood. However, the most definitive aspect is a sense of existence. When we experience our Essence, we are one with what we perceive. For example, the body does not only feel light, it is experienced as light; we do not only feel happy, we are happiness, and we are not only curious, we are curiosity.


Latifa is an Arabic word meaning gentle or subtle energy. Lataif is the plural of Latifa and in DLT refers to qualities, forms of consciousness, or centers that are the first subtle or fine manifestations of Essence. Within the Sufi tradition, it is generally agreed that there are five primary centers of perception (Lataif) associated with certain colors and specific locations in the body. There are also particular issues related to each Latifa that block these manifestations. One of the first stages and part of the groundwork of the Diamond Logos teaching is to explore The Lataif.


The Enneagram is an important aspect of the DLT. It’s woven throughout the teachings to deepen the understanding of how the teaching is applicable to us as individuals – we have specific preferences, drives, and strengths relevant to our ennatype or ‘fixation’.

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Julia is an experienced psychotherapist and group facilitator who is grounded in a rich background of 30+ years of personal experience and professional training in the therapeutic field. Qualified and experienced in multiple therapeutic approaches including Addiction treatment, Essence Counseling, Trauma Healing (Somatic Experiencing® and EMDR), Relational Gestalt, Group Therapy, Family therapy & Family Constellation and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.  Read More


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