Through understanding, inquiry and somatic exercises the DLT is an ongoing process of gradually learning to become more receptive to our Essential Self.

The essence is independent of conditioning and completely natural to us, not a product of the environment. Before the development of the personality, a small child is still in their Essence; the very young child is the essence but it becomes lost or covered over as our ego structure develops.

In this work, we don’t want to destroy the ego but bring understanding to it. By utilizing conscious intelligence we start to see how and why our personality structure became the way it is. As we inquire what is holding the ego together can become less fixed, more resilient and we can start to let go of old structures to make way for the capacity to be in our world in a more naturally satisfying way – in relationships, at work, with our loved ones, etc.

During retreats, the qualities are introduced through meditations and teachings. Then self-inquiry is used to sense and explore what is activated individually through the teaching, allowing for integration. Between retreats, we deepen into each quality through integration inquiry groups and individual sessions.

We meet for group retreats 3 to 4 times a year. In these retreats, we will most often address a particular aspect of essence. There are transmissions of the essential state, somatic exercises, group discussions, and small group inquiries.

Every student is able to have individual sessions with one of the teachers.

And there are ongoing inquiry groups either led by the students or the teachers in person or online throughout the year.