DLT is for individuals who would like to live fuller, healthier and more aligned lives. Some people are drawn to this approach for purely personal reasons – to fully realize and experience the integration of their Being. Others are drawn also to gain understanding, insights, and tools for their professional work.

What we have seen over the years is that the understanding gained from the DLT is easy to incorporate and integrate into daily life and work. Students who participate in these retreats and inquiry work have profoundly positive shifts in the way that they relate to their families, children, partners and most importantly to themselves.

Professionals working with people such as corporate trainers, coaches, psychologists, therapists and teachers, even in the early stages of learning the DLT, notice as they are assimilating the DLT they can’t help but incorporate the new understanding and approaches that they have gained into their work with people and groups.

After a certain depth of understanding is gained there is also the possibility of joining the Teacher Training so that the student can share the DLT work more directly.